Hazleton Cancer Treatment Center – Advanced Radiation Therapy

American Cancer Society Resource Center now located at Hazleton Learn more about ACS Resource CenterWelcome to the Cancer Treatment Center at Hazleton – offering patients in Greater Hazleton and communities throughout Luzerne County the most technologically advanced radiation therapies from our new location at 1701 E. Broad St. in Hazleton.

In addition to opening our new state-of-the-art facility, we’ve expanded our advanced radiation therapy offerings for patients with the addition of image guided radiation therapy. The new treatment option is provided using ExacTrac®, an advanced technology that enables our physicians to treat tumors with greater accuracy in a painless, noninvasive outpatient procedure.

The ExacTrac® system adapts to minor patient movements during treatment, ensuring accuracy and precision throughout treatment procedures and minimizing radiation exposure to healthy tissue.

The Cancer Treatment Center at Hazleton offers several other advanced treatment options, including external-beam radiation therapy, 3-D conformal therapy and intensity modulated radiation therapy. For men diagnosed with prostate cancer, we also offer brachytherapy, an effective form of treatment with minimal side effects and an alternative to surgical removal of the prostate gland.

Feel free to explore our website to learn more about our expert cancer care team and the advanced treatment options available right here in Hazleton at our center.